Maximize connections and trigger attention with words.

Reading certain words can maximize neural connections and trigger attention. Our brains are constantly making connections to associations based on what we hear. The art of persuasion is the science of creating association. Good headlines tap into more neural networks in the brain and tell stories through context words. Marketers have known this for years. The neuroscience of capturing attention through copywriting and through native advertising is broken down through the use of smart headlines, stories and context words.

Our brain filters what we read through a complex process of dissection.  Dissection into what the components of the words are, as well as the meanings and emotions that result from what we read. Studies show the time it takes to process a single image versus reading a headline is roughly 13:1. In other words, a single 15-word headline delivers the same punch as almost 200 impressions of a single image banner. One read verses 200 views, proves once again that the value of the story is way more potent than visuals alone.