Love Fest circa 2013

Since 1950 the Ad Council of Rochester has been the country’s only stand-alone community-based service organization, bringing voice to community issues and needs in partnership with nonprofit organizations from all segments of the community.

To celebrate the many volunteers from the ad community that answer the not-for-profit call with their time and talents, the Ad Council shows their appreciation with an annual gathering around Valentines Day – the Love Fest. 

When we did the creative last year for the event, we decided to turn the idea of love on its head (in a humorous manner of speaking), by making the case for love actually originating in the brain, not the heart as it’s been so egregiously romanticized. From custom designed, pop-up Valentines Day cards and eblast invites and reminders, to posters, attendee nametags and social media assets and efforts, we leveraged some (only slightly) morbid original illustrations and cheeky copy to show an appreciation for their volunteers that’s as unique as the work that they do for the community. Happy Valentine's Day.

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