Join the Conversation

Social media can be a bit daunting even for the most highly decorated marketers.  In fact, the adage is "The whiter your hair, or longer the tenure, the less one really knows about tweets, status updates and looping 6-second video."

Thankfully, we are stewards of our clients business and are like sponges for new emerging media.  (We may or may not enlist the help of hair colored substances to cover up those grays. #ourlittlesecret )

Good social media spreads news, keeps people connected, finds jobs, facilitates political change, does homework, and allows us the unique opportunity to know what that crazy cat lady is up to, and whether she's changed the litter box with her live web cam.

But not all social media is it right for your business.  If someone tells you otherwise, run for the hills.  Not everyone looks good in horizontal stripes, flower patterns and the color yellow.  Same goes for you and your business in regards to social media.  When you have a moment we'd love to chat.  In fact, join our conversations on the platforms we entertain and let's spark a conversation: