3 Books Sure to Add Holiday Cheer


In need of stocking stuffer ideas for that special someone on your list? Maybe have a secret Santa or last minute gift idea? Here are three books that we love and won’t disappoint your soon to be gift receiving family and friends.

1. The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp“Learn It and Use It for Life.” A choreographer by trade, she gives her perspective on creativity, inspiration and how it can be cultivated by forming some simple habits.

2. The Wizard of Ads, By Roy Williams, (By Roy Williams the author, not the star University of Texas wide receiver). “Turning Words Into Magic and Dreamers Into Millionaires” This classic set of passages is the perfect blend of quick hit pick me ups for anyone in the business world. From success, to failure, to mousetraps to Abe Lincoln… all topics are discussed.

3. For One More Day, By Mitch Albom. This Ghost/Baseball/motherhood/repentance story is probably the only one on this list that would actually fit in a stocking but like its counterparts is a great read. It’s a short book that even the lightest of readers can finish in one night. (I speak from experience on this one.)

Happy Holidays.

Disclosure: The staff at Brandtatorship was not compensated by the authors of these titles or by Barnes & Noble to promote them on our blog. These opinions are our own.