The October Complex


Why is October the one month that gets its brand bastardized?

There’s Oktoberfest, Barktober, Rocktober, The Clocktober Sale, Cloth-toberfest and the list goes on. Not sure why… It’s not like October is an empty month and in need of some spice-up.  There’s this really cool creative holiday called Halloween nestled in there. (And free Candy too!) If any month needed something to hang it’s brand onto it would be August.  There are no holidays in August. Nothing except for the wind-down of Summer, families cramming in one last vacation, and advertisers gearing up for holiday marketing.  Hardly the time for something called, hmm… I don’t know, Awesomegus?

Barkruary, Clocktember, or Bowlvember, don’t have the right cadence do they? Although, maybe it’s a whole new area of exploration for today’s writer’s trying to think up sale promotions.  Let’s just create Lolla-tober, the ultimate music festival, and stick a fork in it altogether.

Sorry October.