5 Points of Inspiration

The RAF Addy’s are right around the corner and this years theme is all about inspiration. I thought I’d share 5 of our inspirations in honor of the show.

1. Tator Tots: These little spuds grace our office every Friday and provide fuel to keep the mind moving.

2. Spotify Playlists: Beastie Boys, to Beck. Jeff Buckley to Santigold. They’re on from lights on to lights out.

3. Typography: A handwritten script or scouring drawers in a letterpress shop is like art director’s porn.

4. Complex Client Requests: Oddball to make the list? Maybe, but nothing beats the rush of solving the marketing Rubix.

5. Seeing what our peers have created: Which is why we are excited to be a part of our first Addy’s as Brandtatorship. Get tickets to the show and join us. We’ll see you there.

The 2013 RAF Addys
Thursday, March 14
at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center
123 East Main Street, Downtown Rochester

Discounted rooms are available across the street at the Radisson — 120 E Main Street.
Please call 585-546-6400 and ask for the ADDY Awards rate of $99.


Disclosure: The staff at Brandtatorship was not compensated by the RAF or the Rochester Riverside Convention Center to promote them on our blog. These opinions are our own.