Marvel vs DC - By Brand

For all fanboys and girls out there there is an age old question. Not which is better... Ginger or Mary Ann, but which is better... Marvel or DC Comics?  Marvel has Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Ironman and the rest of the Avengers.  DC Comics boasts superhero icons like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Watchman.  But rather than debate the merits of the characters, story lines, or social relevance I say we look at these two companies from a different perspective.   

From the perspective of how they treat their own brand.

Both companies have had their share of Movie blockbusters. How they treat their brand within this enviroment speaks volumes on the health of their franchises.  Let's look at one telling fact:


Marvel uses the same logo on everything. Movies, cartoons, TV shows, and comics. Specifically on the current Avengers movie universe from Iron Man to Thor to Captain America the logo is consistent.  This stability in brand at the top level trickles down into a solid strategy for the entire franchise.  Marvel had a plan.  They stuck to it and it shows at the box office. 



In comparison, DC had three very different logos during the last 20 year span.  The latest rebrand occurred during the very pivotal Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. Each movie in this trilogy had a different logo representing the DC brand.  How can the future Justice league movies work if at its core level DC can't even represent itself with any stake in the ground?  The Green Lantern movie was a mess, Wonder Woman has been in production for decades and then there's the failed attempts at a full Justice League teamup.

Are we too assume that when Superman/Batman movie is released that a new DC logo will debut with the film?  I hope not.  I also hope DC is done retooling their brand and they take a page from their rival Marvel and stick to a plan.  One that focuses on the characters and their stories when outlining the shared universe for the Justice League.

Those superhero icons deserve it.