This is how we grew up. 

It was the first thought in our heads when we woke up and the next day’s plan when we grudgingly climbed into bed at the end of a full day—dog tired (and likely without a bath).

It was something our parents said to us when we got crazy in the house, and said to themselves when the house, work or life got too crowded and crazy for them. Out the back door and running, we learned about self-sufficiency and selflessness, taking risks and being curious, finding solitude and with it, happiness. We came to love and appreciate the larger world around us and all the ways we could experience, explore and celebrate it.

Today, we squeeze every last ounce of the lessons we learned as kids out of our lives and put them into the work we create at Brandtatorship. The work we do today needs to change minds, influence behavior, push boundaries. Just like us, our work has to be out the back door and running—it needs to explore and exist in that valuable space within the hearts and minds of the larger world around us. It can’t just be good, it needs to do good.

Of course, now that we’ve got kids of our own, getting outside to play is more important than ever.